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Photo of Linzy AndreHello Sunshine, 

I am Linzy, a New York based counselor, advocate, and doctoral student. 

I started my private therapy practice, Sunshine Advocacy, in 2019 to extend access to the intimate experience of therapy to clients from communities like the ones I've grown up in. I am experienced working with people of all ages of diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and identities. My clients arrive to therapy seeking to cope with past and present experiences of trauma (PTSD), family dysfunction, experiences with oppression, microaggressions and systems that diminish mental health and wellness.

My goal is to advocate for the awareness of mental illness and mental health, particularly for and within marginalized and disenfranchised communities. I am interested in working with adolescents in transition (12-18), emerging  and young (19 to 35) adults, Individuals coping with trauma, BIPOC – particularly Black Women and Men coping with intersectional identity statuses that interfere with functioning.

I recently began my doctoral journey with at Syracuse University to advocate for representation within the field of counseling and clinical supervision, to celebrate the counselors who identify as wounded healers and to encourage aspiring counselors to work with clients in a manner that is culturally sensitive and accessible. 

Professional Associations: American Counseling Association, Chi Sigma Iota (Mu sigma Rho & Sigma Upsilon chapters), National Board for Certified Counselors, New York Mental Health Counselors Association (Metro Chapter)

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