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Linzy is dressed in peach-orange jacket and smiling at the camera LINZY ANDRE, LMHC, NCC, ACS

Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D. in Counseling & Counselor Education
Counseling & Human Service Department, Syracuse University

Welcome to my teaching portfolio. Here I described my teaching philosophy and experience. The supporting content includes the syllabi for each course I have taught, example materials (i.e., assignment descriptions, rubrics, exemplar student submissions, feedback to students, student to instructor evaluations, etc.), and teaching supervision feedback. 

In my teaching philosophy, I prioritize student identity diversity, student wellness and the diversity of students’ needs for support in learning and practice. As an educator with a professional counselor identity, I believe there is a need to challenge and support all students to see themselves and other people with humility, compassion, and as agents of change. I am motivated by personal experiences as a student with marginalized identities; I often struggled to learn from faculty and literature that perpetuated White American heterosexual normativity in a manner that was oppressive and suppressive, and I do not want other diverse students to experience that.

The way that I understand learning comes from my own experience as a student, as well as my experiences of providing workshops, trainings, and guest lectures to adult learners in various contexts. People learn best when they are open, ready, and willing to learn. Adult learning is often about challenging, mediating, and understanding diverse epistemologies with the goal of producing nuanced ways of navigating the world. Inherent to this belief that learning entails will and challenge, learning occurs best with collaboration. That is to say, even with “expertise: in some sense or another, developing collaborative relationships with students to identify their unique needs and learning styles allows me (as an instructor) to challenge myself and students in more dynamic ways.

My teaching experiences include my roles as teaching assistant, guest lecturer, and instructor of record for six courses throughout my doctoral experience. My detailed roles and responsibilities for each course are found on my teaching experience page, as well as through my detailed curriculum vitae.


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